King Condo At Holiday Inn

King Condo and Presley’s Penthouse
and Entertainment Lounge Branson, Missouri


So you're coming to Branson? Presley’s Penthouse and the King Condo are
“The best places to stay in Branson… Don’t kick off your Blue Suede
Shoes anywhere else!”  These condos book in advance
and have become very popular,  secure your reservations today!
Phone: 417-332-8550
Booking as easy as “1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 to get ready and go cat go”...
Please fill out and return to your reservation or call 417-332-8550 we
require a credit card to hold your reservation, and we will send
you your confirmation number and information about your stay!
(No charges will be made till you arrive)
Pack up get ready and go! Please let us know your preferences
while you stay with us. We do offer a full far bar in the Entertainment lounge.
If you would like a massage while on-site to ease muscle tension
and relax we can arrange that too!